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Indivisual #higear // Deus Swank Rally Pt2


The Deus Swank Rally – Auto

The speed ring of the Monza National Autodrome, also known as “the Monza Bowl” for its shape with the outer edges higher than the inner ones, it’s an oval speedway with two semicircular curves with a 320 meters radius and two 857 meters long parallel straight. In this part of the circuit  the “Gran Premio di Italia”  took place from 1922 to 1955; It’s  worldwide known because it has been one of the first high speed ring specially built for car races.
It’s a world famous speed temple, where it’s hard if not impossible to access … but, the Deus Swank Rally has managed to let  60 wild racers put their knobbed rubber on its sacred asphalt. They were the riders of the second epic stop of our “friendly championship” held during “the Reunion” event. “Mamma mia ! ” has been the most common comment at the end of each lap – self timed lap , as usual.
Those two days will be hard to forget, with saturday dedicated to free practice, and the most part of the sunday for the race, speeding in the mud next to the “Serraglio”, the “Roggia”  variant and under and on the “sopraelevata”, the infamous parabolic curve.
The track was kind of idyllic, nearly 5 km long, funny and  challenging at the same time both for proven pilots of the kind of Alesandro Botturi ( Paris-Dakar Yamaha Official Team) and other relatively unknown folks that have joined the race.
the usual 3 on the podium :
Sandro Tramelli, Adelio Lorenzin e Roberto Ungaror